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Paros Greece Hotels: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Ea

Paros Greece Hotels: 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Ea

No doubt, Greece is one of the very best travel locations on the planet and Cyclades Islands is the most more suitable area for summer holidays.

Paros is truly one of the most famous islands in Cyclades, with some of the finest blue flagged beaches in Greece. Paros hotels cover all spending plans and are tastefully developed and decorated according to the traditional Cycladic style. Paros is an island with a lot of activities and things to do, so something is for sure; you never ever going to feel bored ... There are great deals of places, towns, beaches, and for white wine enthusiasts there are two wineries to visit and feel the fantastic taste of Paros red wine.

The two primary towns of Paros is Parikia (the capital and the main port) and Naoussa which pushes the northern part of the island. Hotels in Naoussa and Parikia offer world-class service and modern facilities, with most of Paros luxury hotels being right on the beach.

Parikia features the well-preserved mess up sites and the Historical Museum with antiquated and classical sculpture pieces, pottery, sculpture and small finds dating from the Neolithic to the Roman period, and a mosaic flooring dating from the Roman duration.

Naoussa is a stunning fishing village constructed around the bay, with natural beauties, sandy beaches, a Venetian Castle and little dining establishments, tavernas, "ouzeri", bars, clubs and great nightlife. The bay is ideal for swimming and the close-by beaches of Santa Maria, Piperi and Kolimbithres, are distinct with crystal blue waters. Fresh fish is day-to-day served by the majority of the restaurants and fish tavernas along with by the restaurants of the hotels in Naoussa. Life in this parikia paros village is constantly safe and relaxing in such a way that offers relaxation and renewal to all visitors.

Your accommodation in Paros hotels will fulfil your demands and you will get the finest of their services. Some hotels paros weather feature a swimming pool and a sun balcony with sensational views to the sea.

Many of the hotels they provide special discount rates for early bookings.

For windsurfing an kitesurfing fans, Paros is thought about as one of the finest areas in the Greek islands. There are several wind/kitesurfing centers in the beaches of Santa Maria, Golden Beach and Pounda beach.

In the middle of the Aegean sea spreads the complex of the Cyclades islands.

The special architecture that all the islands of the complex have is the most characteristic function, a point of reference for everybody who has visited these islands which spread in a distance of numerous miles.

The unique architecture of small white houses with blue or green windows and doors, and the attractive towns with the narrow streets is a tourist destination today, but it was produced specific reasons and this is what makes it so special.

All the islands are bad in plants for that reason they are exposed to the sun, so the white color helped the habitants to keep your houses cool, when it comes to the narrow alleys this had a double role, first to secure from the strong wings that dominate the islands and to protect from the pirates' attacks by forming a natural wall developing a border of defense.

The distinct landscape of the Cyclades islands makes the most gorgeous contradiction.

The rocks that mirrors on the blue crystal waters, the small white homes scattered all around, the sandy beaches, the bright blue sky above: It's a warm and hospitable location.


The complex of the Cyclades islands has a history of thousands of years.

Due to their position into the center of the recognized world of the prehistoric and ancient years, the Cyclades islands where a station for merchandisers and sailors. This supercharged the financial and cultural life of the islands.

According to the misconception, Cyclades where called after the nymphs Cyclades who Poseidon, the god of the sea transformed into rocks since they triggered his anger. A various version is that they where called like this because they form a natural circle the island of Delos the spiritual island of Apollo. (From the greek word "cyclos", which indicates "cycle").

The Cycladic civilization is parted in three periods during ancient duration, the very first Cycladic period (3200-2000B. C.), the middle Cycladic duration (2000-1550B. C.) and the late Cycladic period (1550-1100B. C.).

Throughout the historic times (1100B.C. - 500B.C.) there was an excellent flourish in economy and culture with Delos playing the most important function.

Throughout the times of Macedonian and Roman supremacy (500B.C. - 300B.C.) the islands passed to the dominance of Fillip the 2nd, king of Macedonia and after that to his kid Alexander the great. After the fall of Macedonia the Romans controlled, bringing the decay to all of the islands with only exception Delos which kept thriving.

C.) the islands belonged to the Byzantine Empire until 1204 when Konstantinoupolis the capital of Byzantium fell to the Franks. On 1538 the fantastic Pirate Barbarosa, robbed the islands and this caused the desolation of some of the islands.

Till 1617 Cyclades decayed and slowly fell under the dominance of the Turks. On 1821 they got involved on the disobedience of the Greeks against the Turks and added to the freedom of Greece.

The complex is consisted of 34 islands from which 23 are being habited.

Each island has a history of his own and apart from the common attributes, vary in style and aura making each and every one of the islands worth checking out and discovering out the unique qualities and unique sensation they have.

The islands have differences in the way they have actually developed. The bigger islands, by being centers where to stay in paros of commerce, navigation and more just recently tourism centers, are cosmopolitan and crowded, particularly during summer duration.

Syros, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos and Santorini can host even the most requiring and cosmopolitan visitors, having actually followed the needs of modern-day times in centers and home entertainment, keeping at the exact same time the unique functions of the complex.

Islands like Amorgos, Sifnos, Andros and Milos are following the actions of development, having made fantastic steps in traveler centers the past years, being like this excellent tourist locations.